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Alcohol Rehab Florida: How Can Treatment Help Me?

How Can an Alcohol Rehab Florida Help Me?

Alcohol Rehab Florida

Alcoholism is a chronic disease and if left untreated, it can have serious, life-threatening consequences. Alcohol dependency is also progressive meaning that over time, it gets worse and never better. Fortunately, there are many different types of alcohol rehab Florida programs that can help an alcoholic learn how to live a healthy, productive life without using alcohol and other substances. Every alcohol rehab Florida differs in the variety of services and programs they offer, and it is important that you find the best treatment program for your specific situation. In honor of National Alcohol Awareness Month, I hope that this blog answers some of the questions you may have about alcohol rehab Florida programs and the process of alcohol dependency treatment programs.

What is alcohol detoxification?

Alcohol detox is an essential preliminary step in treating alcoholism. Because the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can be very dangerous, a medically supervised detox is highly recommended. An alcohol detox program typically involves a doctor administering medications to control withdrawal symptoms, as well as education about alcohol dependency and addiction in general. The individual is supervised by health professional to ensure his/her safety during the detoxification period. The symptoms of withdrawal include: sweats, vomiting, nausea, anxiety, tremors, hallucinations, agitation, paranoia, seizures. Not everyone experiences all of these symptoms, and the symptoms can range from mild to severe. Detox may last anywhere from a few days to more than a week, and can occur in a hospital, a specific detox unit, an outpatient clinic, or an alcohol rehab Florida program. Making it through the uncomfortable alcohol detoxification process is a necessary step for treating an individual’s alcoholism.

What occurs in an alcohol rehab Florida program?

Alcohol rehab Florida programs may be residential (the person lives on-site during treatment) or outpatient (the person lives in a separate location and travels to the program). Although programs can differ in many aspects, they all share a few common elements:

  • Initial assessment → When an individual is admitted to an alcohol rehab Florida program, a thorough clinical assessment takes place. The initial assessment will gather information about the person’s family history, medical history, alcohol abuse, alcohol patterns, medications, mental health or behavioral issues, previous experience with treatment, current living situation, etc.
  • Treatment plan development → Following the initial assessment and detox process, a treatment plan will be developed that identifies the client’s problems, goals, and specific details about how to reach these goals. The client will typically have a treatment team involving a psychiatrist, therapist, case manager, etc., that will work together to help the client meet these treatment goals.
  • Group and individual therapy → Therapy is an integral part of alcohol rehab Florida. Group and individual counselling will help the client address their mental health issues, overcome denial about their addiction, learn healthy coping skills, communicate openly and honestly, build new healthy relationships, and create a recovery lifestyle.
  • Addiction education → Most alcohol rehab Florida programs include education about substance abuse. Sometimes a client will need some time and space free from the haze of drugs and alcohol to recognize the seriousness of their addiction. In order to recover from alcohol dependency, the client needs to accept the reality about their addiction and acknowledge the dangerous consequences of their substance abuse.
  • Introduction to 12 Step Programs or self-help groups → Many alcohol rehab Florida programs will introduce clients to 12 Step Programs or other self-help support groups. The alcohol rehab Florida may bring in meetings to the treatment center, or provide transportation to local meetings and groups. Actively participating in a self-help group is not part of treatment, but rather an essential component to maintaining lifelong sobriety.
  • Relapse prevention → It is important for alcoholics to recognize people, places, and things that may trigger a relapse, and learn how to prevent a relapse from occurring. Relapse prevention is an integral component of an alcohol rehab Florida program.

Although every addiction treatment program differs, these are a few of the essential aspects of an alcohol rehab Florida program. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol dependency, we encourage you to seek help now. Alcoholism is a chronic, progressive, and potentially fatal disease if left untreated. You do not have to suffer alone anymore — help is available that can change your life. If you need help and do not know where to turn, Recovery Advocates is here for you. Contact us today at 844.723.9256.


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