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Florida Flakka: The Dangerous Drug Trend in the Sunshine State

Florida Flakka: A Serious Problem

Florida Flakka

We posted a blog a few weeks about the rise of flakka, particularly in South Florida. Since then, there have been more troubling news stories regarding this dangerous new designer drug right here in South Florida. Although the news stories may sound comical — they typically involve a naked person running down the street — Florida flakka is not a joke. The high from flakka is dangerous, uncontrollable, and leads to violence and hallucinations.

This week, Fort Lauderdale police reported that a man streaking across Broward Boulevard through traffic was high on flakka. The drug caused him to believe that people were chasing him and attempting to kill him. He later told police that he was hoping to get hit by a car so that the imaginary people would stop chasing him. This is not the only frightening story involving flakka that has taken place in South Florida. Since January 2015, flakka has been the cause for a naked gunman on a roof in Lake Worth shouting that people were trying to kill him; a man impaling himself on a security fence trying to escape murderers in Fort Lauderdale; and a man kicking down a glass door at a Fort Lauderdale police station because he thought he was being chased by a mob of people.

The Dangers of Florida Flakka

Florida flakka is dangerous for addicts, people experimenting with the drug, and the public at large. Most of these bizarre, dangerous incidents are a result of “excited delirium” from either smoking, snorting, swallowing, or injecting the drug. Excited delirium is a syndrome where the body goes into hyperthermia — generally a temperature of 105 degrees. The individual becomes psychotic, violent, and has adrenaline-like strength. People suffering from excited delirium often need to be restrained and require medical attention.

While this designer drug, similar to bath salts, is known as flakka in South Florida, it is known as “gravel” across the country. While it is not necessarily a “new” drug, the recent wave of incidents involving Florida flakka are calling attention to the dangers of it. According to the United States D.E.A., flakka incidents on a rapid rise. In 2010, there were zero flakka cases in Florida crime labs, 85 cases in 2012, and more than 670 in 2014. Another major concern about flakka is the low price of it — a hit of flakka can be sold for as little as $5, making it very affordable. Florida flakka is one of numerous cathinone-based drugs produced in China and sold online to drug gangs in the United States.

Flakka is a very dangerous drug and if you or someone you know is using it, we urge to seek help now. Recovery Advocates can help you get the support you need to stop using flakka and other substances. Call our 24-hour confidential helpline today at 844.723.9256.


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