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Recovery Advocates Treatment Center is a specialized, accredited Florida recovery center dedicated to help individuals and families affected by the disease of addiction. The center’s treatment philosophy is to assist those affected by addiction through individual, couples, marital, family, group and trauma therapy.

Chemical dependency places enormous strain on the family system and places all members in jeopardy. It is Recovery Advocates Treatment Center’s philosophy that the problem is both diagnosable and treatable. It is further believed that not only the identified chemically dependent individual is in need of treatment, but whenever possible, the entire family system is also in need of treatment. It is also understood that alcohol and drug problems occur on a continuum ranging from what can be identified as a problem, chronic dependency. Given this understanding, it is the center’s philosophy to provide individualized substance abuse treatment services to meet a client’s specific needs. Recovery Advocates Treatment Center provides a continuum of treatment services, which are designated to meet a client’s individual needs.


The location of our facility is remarkably peaceful. While patients benefit from the serene location of Delray Beach Florida, we know that effective drug and alcohol treatment is not a vacation—it is a process that lacks completion unless it includes successful and addiction-free re-entry into the “real” world. Therefore, our program offers unique courses of treatment, some of which allow for low-risk patients to continue working and attend our program on an outpatient basis.

Through our combined experience, we have learned that a large percentage of our clients have deep-rooted trauma issues. One of the major aspects of our treatment program involves trauma therapy from licensed, skilled and proven trauma therapists. In instances where Recovery Advocates Treatment Center does not offer an identified treatment need, the most appropriate treatment referral is made at that time.

To answer the challenge of alcoholism and other dependencies, Recovery Advocates Treatment Center engages in research, education and treatment. A variety of treatment modalities are utilized and employed following the process of differential diagnosis for each client and their family. In conjunction with professional therapeutic approaches, the center encourages involvement with 12 Step Programs (i.e. AA, Al-Anon, CA, NA, OA, GA, ACOA, etc.)

At Recovery Advocates Treatment Center, we understand the difficulty in transitioning from active addiction to a sober life, including the challenge of admitting that there is a problem with drugs or alcohol. We are here to help. Please contact us to find out more about our Florida recovery center, and the ways in which we help our residents overcome addictions and mental health disorders. We have our trained and understanding substance abuse treatment operators standing by to help.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, don't wait any longer. Let Recovery Advocates Treatment Center be your advocate for recovery, call our confidential addiction treatment helpline at 844-723-9256.