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At Recovery Advocates Treatment Center our staff is committed to achieving and maintaining a comprehensive therapeutic Florida drug treatment center. This means that the client’s assigned primary therapist does not work alone. The Clinical team is comprised of therapists, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a registered dietitian and a medical staff. The Recovery Advocates Treatment Center clinical team works together to assess client needs.

Our drug treatment center philosophy is built upon the belief that chemical dependency is a chronic, progressive and fatal illness if left untreated. The problem is pervasive and affects not only the identified drug or alcohol dependent individual, but also those who are in any type of intimate relationship with the afflicted individual (i.e.family member, spouse, employees, employer, etc.).

Pertaining to treatment of the individual, our drug treatment center philosophy is motivated from a foundation of uplifting and edifying the person. Addiction is a powerful disease and just as other diseases, there may be a relapse or lapse during the recovery process. We don’t shoot our wounded.

Our clients are intelligent, sensitive, talented and creative human beings who have many strengths and qualities—they just need to be given a chance to manifest them. Our clients are not treated as addicts or failures; instead, we focus on the positive events that have happened during their lives, whether in addiction or in recovery.

Our staff addresses the spiritual component of the individual as we believe human beings are comprised of three components — physical, mental and spiritual. Once the addict stops using (physical) and begins to think more clearly (mental), then the spiritual component has an opportunity to grow. In its simplistic definition, spirituality is “anything that is good.” We then focus our treatment goals and objectives on the basis of all of the good that are in our clients. If, however the person struggles seeing themselves for who they really are, we address the issue with specialized Florida drug treatment center processes such as Trauma Therapy and EMDR. We focus on the progress in this area and then move on.


The addict has been repeatedly shamed for their behavior in their addiction. At Recovery Advocates Treatment Center, we do not concentrate on the negative events that have occurred in our clients’ pasts, but instead focus on their many positive attributes. It is amazing to see the progress our clients make when they recognize their ability to be productive members of society. It is beautiful to watch our clients grow as they develop positive feelings first towards themselves and then others. We make mistakes, but we are not mistakes.

        -Matthew Fanali, Jr. LMHC. CAP, Clinical Director

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, don't wait any longer. Let Recovery Advocates Treatment Center be your advocate for recovery, call our confidential addiction treatment helpline at 844-723-9256.