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Recovery Advocates Treatment Center offers day treatment programs where our clients attend Day/Night treatment for 5 hours a day with Community Housing. Day treatment programs fit into the continuum of addiction treatment that includes the principal facets of Residential care (intensive inpatient treatment) and Intensive Outpatient care (schedule flexibility and lower costs). Clients who are in no immediate danger to themselves or others may be admitted to this type of program, giving them the highly structured level of clinical care they need without the expense of Residential treatment. This level of care includes working closely with the Recovery Advocates Treatment Center clinical team comprised of the medical director, psychiatrist and therapists to develop an individualized addiction treatment plan. Treatment during a typical day includes assessments, check-ins, individual and group therapy. Day treatment programs at Recovery Advocates Treatment Center are most effective when combined with the full phase down treatment model where clients move from the Residential level of care to a Day treatment program. In this sense, Day treatment programs are one step away from Residential treatment. Our Day treatment programs are highly structured and the duration may vary depending upon the needs of each client.


Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is also known as “Day/Night with Community Housing” substance abuse treatment program. The goal of partial hospitalization programs is to facilitate the patient’s recovery from substance addiction by allowing them to concentrate on the recovery process in an environment that promotes a successful transition from addiction to sober living. Participation in a PHP program means that the patient can stay at the Recovery Advocates residences, but must travel to Recovery Advocates Treatment Center between five and seven days each week for several five hours of daily therapy sessions.


A typical day for patients enrolled in partial hospitalization programs will involve individual therapy and group therapy, psychoeducation, life skills training and psychopharmacological monitoring to ensure antidepressant, anti-psychotic or other addiction-related medications are working properly. The “night” part of a PHP program accommodates patients who may need or choose to spend the night if necessary, particularly if a patient is experiencing stressful conditions that they feel they cannot manage without resorting to substance abuse. PHP program lengths range from 30 days to 90 days depending on the client’s needs, type of addiction and if the patient has presented a dual diagnosis of mental illness with addiction. PHP with Day/Night is usually recommended for individuals who have successfully completed a detox in which they remained full time at a recovery facility for treatment. By offering a structured environment as a way to ease the patient back into the community, the PHP program allows patients to make the transition towards leading a productive and sober life gradually and without the stress involved with an abrupt transition. Recovery Advocates emphasizes the development of coping and communication skills as well as a multidimensional approach to the improvement of important life skills such as time management, dealing with stress and learning how to reduce the risk of relapsing. Participation in partial hospitalization programs also encourages patients to engage in sober recreational activities with other members of the program on weekends.

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