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outpatient treatment: iop

Intensive Outpatient level of treatment introduces more personal responsibility and freedom while maintaining necessary guidance and support. At this level, clients continue to live in our safe and structured living environment, while beginning the transition into a more regular daily routine. The opportunity to return to work or school during the day and return for therapy and support in the evening builds that critical connection between recovery and self-sufficiency.

The primary goal of a successful IOP treatment is to provide the client with a solid bridge between the tools and knowledge they gain in inpatient treatment and life in the outside world. Recovery Advocates Treatment Center achieves this through goal-oriented therapy and ongoing assessment that empowers the client to begin reclaim their independence — free of drugs and alcohol.

The key components to an effective intensive outpatient treatment program that we employ include:

  • Continued access to therapists and professional support
  • Treatment plans that emphasize personal responsibility
  • Safe, structured living environment in our residential program
  • Guidance and sound advice that applies not only to recovery, but also to the challenges of everyday life


IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) is a drug and alcohol counseling program for those that do not have the option to check into a lengthy residential drug rehab facility, or that have personal, work, or school schedule limitations. For many, this more intensive program in early drug and alcohol addiction recovery is necessary to lay a solid foundation needed for lifelong stability. IOP can also be a transitioning period from a higher level of care.

Recovery Advocates Treatment Center offers many group addiction counseling options that fit just about anyone’s busy schedule. IOP meets 3 or 5 times per week, and includes individual therapy and group therapy. This outpatient program is an ideal option for those that cannot afford an interruption of work or school. Highly flexible treatment planning allows us to put together the right mix of individual and group sessions that adhere to your personal schedule.

IOP provides a combination of addiction education and psychotherapy. Patients learn about addiction, family systems, defense mechanisms, relapse prevention, and the 12 Steps of addiction recovery. Group therapy is an essential component of the addiction recovery process. With the help of Recovery Advocates Treatment Center, you will receive the care and guidance of the finest professionals who will communicate with you throughout your intensive outpatient drug or alcohol treatment program.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, don't wait any longer. Let Recovery Advocates Treatment Center be your advocate for recovery, call our confidential addiction treatment helpline at 844-723-9256.