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outpatient treatment program

Outpatient rehab is a step-down from our Intensive Outpatient Program and includes various programs in which the client visits the center at regular intervals. The outpatient phase of treatment is the point when clients resume a full level of participation in the stream of everyday life once again.

Recovery Advocates Treatment Center is committed to fully supporting our clients’ needs at every level of care. We have found that a step-down approach to treatment is most effective in treating drugs and alcohol. We believe it is important for our clients to continue receiving support as they return to everyday living. There are certain challenges that present an individual in early recovery as he or she re-enters “the world,” and we are here to assist with this transition. To that end, our outpatient level of care requires a minimum of 2 hours a week of in person therapy and treatment.

Clients are encouraged to set goals and rise to life’s challenges during this time. Recovery Advocates Treatment Center emphasizes the principle of “living life on life’s terms,” and we understand the difficulties of doing so in early sobriety. Given this understanding, we believe that Outpatient treatment is very important for our clients’ continued success in recovery. Clients continue to receive evaluations and their progress is tracked.

Outpatient treatment at Recovery Advocates Treatment Center includes all of the necessary tools and support for successful recovery, including:

  • Continued access to therapists and professional support
  • Treatment plans that emphasize personal responsibility
  • Safe, structured living environment in our residential program
  • Guidance and sound advice that applies not only to recovery, but also to the challenges of everyday life

As with every level of care at Recovery Advocates Treatment Center, clients are welcome and encouraged to continue to live, work and thrive in our sober living residences.

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