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RATC addiction family counseling session

The family system plays a central role in the treatment of any health problem or disease, including substance abuse. The two disciplines of substance abuse treatment and family therapy bring different perspectives to treatment implementation. Being able to effectively combine the two disciplines allows for a more integrative treatment process for both the client and their loved ones. A family is a system, and as with all systems, each part is related to all other parts; as a result, a change in one part of the system will also affect the other parts. Given this understanding, family therapy utilizes the strengths of families to bring about positive change in various areas of life, including substance abuse.

Recovery is progressive, which applies to the entire family system as well. Family recovery is a continuing process and there is no limit to the growth potential, if all members are willing to do the work. The foundations of this recovery are most vulnerable for the first two years of sobriety and the greatest amount of support and involvement should be used in protecting this process. The two main purposes of addiction family counseling here at Recovery Advocates Treatment Center include: 1) To identify the family’s strengths to develop ways to live without drugs or alcohol; 2) to ameliorate the impact of chemical dependency on the lives of both the client and their family.

Family therapy sessions and weekly conference calls are scheduled at the client’s primary therapist’s discretion. As the client progresses in the recovery process the family will be educated on the disease of addiction, as well as begin the healing process by re-establishing honest communication and healthy boundaries.

Our staff here at Recovery Advocates Treatment Center understands the complexities of the family system and are happy to provide a safe space for families to heal past wounds and build healthier relationships through open and honest communication. We also recognize that there is no single immutable definition of family. That being said, we define family according to the client’s closest emotional connections; thus, geographically distant family members are still encourage to participate in family therapy. Arrangements to facilitate family visits are provided. When families are unable to visit the program, addiction family counseling sessions are conducted through telephone conference calling.

We understand the pain and torment that a loved one’s addiction can cause the family system, which is why it is important to start an open dialogue amongst the client and the family members. The thought of addiction family counseling may produce anxiety for all those involved; we assure you that our dedicated therapists are prepared to mediate these sessions and manage any difficult emotions that may surface. An important and exciting aspect of the recovery process is healing past relationships and building strong and healthy new ones.

We have helped in developing a support system for all family members that will be effective for your needs. Call Recovery Advocates Treatment Center today at 844.723.9256 to begin your journey into sobriety and healthier relationships.

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