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ratc florida christian recovery programs

With a combination of traditional substance abuse treatment and a spiritual approach to addiction recovery, Recovery Advocates Treatment Center can help those struggling with addiction find relief while supporting and strengthening their faith. Christian recovery programs are related to the 12-step programs, but the concept of a Higher Power is rooted in Jesus Christ and biblical studies.

Christian recovery programs at Recovery Advocates Treatment Center includes Sunday worship, weekly bible studies and individual Christian counseling, as well as participation in a Christian 12-step support system of recovery. All clients, no matter their religious background, are welcome to participate in this treatment program at any point during their time with us. Christ-based treatment programs seek to treat addiction as well as strengthen faith. Many Christian based recovery programs are based on the assumption that individuals turn to drugs and alcohol to fill a gap in their life that is caused by a lack of connection to God. Thus, by adding God or another Higher Power back into their life, that void will be filled and reduce the urge toward addictive behavior.

At Recovery Advocates Treatment Center, we do not impose any set of religious or spiritual beliefs on our clients. Rather, we encourage them to explore their spirituality and experiment with what works best for them and their recovery. Many recovering alcoholics and addicts find that their belief in a Higher Power, whether that be God, Jesus Christ, the universe, or simply good orderly direction, helps them immensely in their sobriety.

Recovery Advocates Treatment Center believes that spirituality plays an important role in addiction recovery. There are countless varying definitions of spirituality that float around; we view spirituality as the belief that life has a meaning and purpose. In active addiction, many of us lose touch with the concept of spirituality and the idea that there is some entity out there that is greater than us and our addiction. Our focus becomes solely on drugs and alcohol, and there is little room for spirituality or personal growth. When we become free from drugs and alcohol, spirituality becomes an important aspect of our recovery, encouraging us to continue moving forward when life becomes overwhelming.

There is no right or wrong way to approach spirituality — it is an individualized process that may take time and some trial-and-error to rekindle. Spirituality may be theistic, based on a belief in a god, or non-theistic, based on concepts of inner strength or other moral values. Alcoholics Anonymous was among the first popular recovery program to incorporate spiritual principles into addiction treatment and recovery. Since Alcoholics Anonymous was established in the 1930s, the incorporation of spirituality, including the concept of a Higher Power and the practice of prayer and meditation, to addiction recovery became an important aspect in many treatment programs across the world.

At Recovery Advocates Treatment Center, we believe in offering many different approaches and therapies to addiction treatment so as to effectively treat as many clients as possible. We understand that each client has a different history and a unique journey in recovery, which is why we work hard to develop as many different options as possible.

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