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addiction recovery and music therapy group

At Recovery Advocates Treatment Center, we pride ourselves on offering effective treatment services to not only aid in the recovery process, but to also appeal to the suffering individual. Some addiction treatment benefits associated with music therapy group include:

  •         Works as an emotional release
  •         Reduces muscle tension
  •         Serves as an effective introduction to meditation
  •         Aids in feelings of loneliness
  •         Manages stress levels
  •         Improves concentration levels
  •         Encourages a more optimistic state of mind, which is necessary for a spiritual experience in recovery
  •         Can be used as a tool for spiritual enlightenment

One of our staff members utilizes music therapy with two group techniques that he has developed. One process includes him playing a music progression of various genres on his acoustic guitar and instructing the clients to work together to write the lyrics based on their past experiences. The end result is a collaborative song about their journeys from addiction to recovery. The other process includes listening to recovery-based music written by our staff and then allowing the clients to reflect on the lyrics and share how they related to them.


The first technique allows the therapist to visibly observe clients at various stages of teamwork. Some clients will try to control the music therapy group and song-writing process, some will attempt to stop the controller, and then others will not participate, feeling musically threatened or shy. The therapist facilitates the reactions and assigns clients accordingly to perform the opposite of their initial reaction, allowing them to either step back, let others help, participate more, or learn how to be a team player. This group builds self-esteem and identifies areas to be addressed within each person, but the ultimate aim is to have fun writing the song.


We recognize that our clients have many unique talents and abilities; thus, we encourage the integration of expressive arts such as music in their daily routine. Not only does music provide an expressive emotional outlet, but it can also build self-esteem, promote social bonding, and encourage spirituality.


Music therapy provides avenues for communication helpful to clients who have difficulty expressing themselves in words. Music therapy group research supports its efficacy in multiple treatment areas including increasing clients’ motivation to engage in treatment, providing emotional support, and overall physical and emotional rehabilitation.


Recovery Advocates Treatment Center invites our clients to bring their own musical instruments to treatment with them. For some of our clients, music was important to them before their drug and alcohol abuse, but fell by the wayside during their active addiction.  We hope to reintroduce them to their love of music, whether it be creating it or listening to it.

At Recovery Advocates Treatment Center, music therapy is just another tool we use to reach out to our clients and engage them in the treatment process. By utilizing different approaches to addiction treatment, we hope to help as many suffering addicts and alcoholics as possible. Call Recovery Advocates Treatment Center’s confidential 24/7 helpline at 844.723.9256 today.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, don't wait any longer. Let Recovery Advocates Treatment Center be your advocate for recovery, call our confidential addiction treatment helpline at 844-723-9256.