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nutrition counseling and exercise

With the understanding that physical activity and proper nutrition are a significant part of a balanced lifestyle, Recovery Advocates Treatment Center offers a program that includes a thorough assessment of each client’s physical and nutritional needs. Once a thorough assessment is complete, an individualized exercise program is created and monitored for the duration of the client’s stay.

Drug and alcohol abuse not only harms the body as a direct result of the substance, but it also leads to negative lifestyle changes, such as irregular eating habits, poor diet management, and a lack of physical activity. Different substances affect the body in various ways; for example, stimulants reduce appetite, often leading to poor nutrition and weight loss, while alcohol abuse can cause anemia and neurological impairments due to nutritional deficiencies. While in active addiction, we often lack the ability to properly nourish ourselves due to our impaired thinking and judgment. Thus, in early recovery, it is important to relearn how to take good care of our body, mind, and soul.

Although actions such as eating regular meals may seem insignificant or unrelated to addiction recovery, research has shown that a person who has irregular eating habits is more likely to relapse. Drugs and alcohol cause an individual to confuse hunger cues with cravings for substances, which is why maintaining a balanced diet is crucial, especially in early recovery. Promoting proper nutrition and physical activity in early recovery helps our clients establish healthy routines that will help them in all aspects of their daily life. When we rid ourselves of drugs and alcohol, and begin to feel better physically, our mood and motivation also improves.

Clients are encouraged to participate in regular physical activity during and after their treatment at Recovery Advocates Treatment Center.  The physical and mental benefits of exercise are important to many individuals recovering from substance abuse. Physical activity not only promotes a healthy lifestyle and aids in the physical recovery from substance abuse, but also serves as a positive outlet for stress and other uncomfortable emotions. At Recovery Advocates Treatment Center, we encourage our clients to explore healthy and enjoyable replacements for their drug and alcohol addiction.

Clients are encouraged to ask questions regarding meal planning and any special dietary concerns. Research suggests that nearly 50% of individuals with an eating disorder are also abusing drugs and/or alcohol. This rate is five times greater than what is seen in the general population (National Eating Disorder Association, NEDA.org). Given the high co-occurrence of substance abuse and eating disorders, Recovery Advocates Treatment Center believes it is important to address the issues of balanced nutrition and exercise. Our on-site nutritionist works closely with eating disorder clients and those struggling with body image on an individual basis.

Recovery Advocates Treatment Center recognizes the importance of promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We find that this aspect of our holistic treatment approach is beneficial to our client’s recovery process. Call us today at 844.723.9256 and let us help you take the first steps to your new life.

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